Michigan Shoreline Horse Friends

Promoting and sustaining opportunities to horseback ride the Lake Michigan shoreline.


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has asked that a volunteer horse friends’ group be developed to:

  • Help direct participants in the Silver Lake State Park Equestrian Parking Area (aka ORV Parking Area).
  • Assist participants to ensure the Equestrian Parking Area has a “clean slate standard.”
  • Provide cleanup along the Horse Dune Route.
  • Provide information about local horse camping and resources.

Silver Lake State Park Shoreline Season

  • November 1-30 annually.
  • Reservations open on September 1 at 8:00a.m. EST annually.
  • Bring your own horse and ride the Horse Dune Route and 3 miles of the Silver Lake State Park Lake Michigan shoreline.
  • $10 / horse Parking Reservations and Recreation Passport are required.


  • Your $10.00 / horse Parking Reservations and a Recreation Passport on your vehicle. 
  • Your own horse.
  • Manure fork and muck bucket to pick up your own hay and manure in the Equestrian Parking Area.
  • Water for both you and your horse.
  • Extra set of clothes including socks and boots in case you get wet. 
  • Blanket or cooler for your horse.


Opportunities to help will be available. Please stay tuned as more information will become available as we get closer to the season.

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